#1 Connect an Arduino board to the laptop

It is necessary to know 2 essentials things:

  • Using  Processing  it is available to have a  Graphical Interface  done easily and simple which let us monitoring and interact with the PLC and controlling all your installation.

  • The  Arduino IDE let us use libraries where calling our standard algorithms and develop a structured program. We encourage you to see the current version of the original Industrial Shields library from GitHub, so you can see how the folders are structured. In the following chapters, we will see how to develop a library and how to call them using the Arduino IDE.

(Remember: Industrial Shields PLCs are working as Original Arduino boards. Our PLCs have original Arduino boards assembled inside. Then, you can practice the course using an Original Arduino board).

Useful Links

Material to do practices

Arduino Leonardo or Arduino Mega (You also can use an Arduino UNO if you get it).

(The devices used with the Arduino Mega and Arduino Leonardo assembled inside have been: From the Ethernet PLCs; the M-Duino 21. From the 20I/Os PLC; The Ardbox Relay).

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