Weather Station with an Industrial PLC

Controller Arduino as a data acquisition and data transmitter.

PLC Arduino for Weather Station

This open source project is installed on Valle del Yaqui by Red de Estaciones Meteorológicas del Distrito de Riego del Río Yaqui in Mexico. It was developed, designed and installed by Ing. Juan Carlos Raygoza at Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico.

This project includes a weather station with the aim of displaying sensor data on a web site and also allow;  this system can be configured remotely as well.

Using this installation, the meteorologist knows remotely the main weather parameters of that place. It is also allowed to configure the station in order to activate and add some modifications.

Hardware and wiring

On this project, Industrial PLC Arduino has the function to get the data acquisition from different ADCON weather sensors as temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed, barometric pressure and rain meter. Then, it transmits these data to an intermediate communication Telnet server. There are installed an SD card to store local data, an RTC (real time clock) to get the real time, some wireless communication systems, security cameras and alarms too. All these devices are controlled by an M-Duino 42.


The industrial automation was developed with Arduino IDE. The intermediate software between the web site and the industrial controller is a Telnet server. This Telnet server has a database, some REST service and finally the web site using Angular 4 to show the data on MetApp (weather station web site). Some of these parameters can be configured by remote control using the Telnet platform.

Weather Station using Arduino PLC

Real time data with industrial Arduino

Data form weather station with Arduino PLC

Reading data from desktop or mobile device

This is the safest way to use Industrial Hardware Open Source for monitoring a System as a Weather Station and doing it all remotely. 

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