Benefits of Cloud Storage with PLC Arduino

Industrial Arduino for Cloud Storage

Industries, abundant but still certainly rudimentary, are going to be part of a large ecosystem that must communicate, something that we already see in the rest of the sectors but that still finds resistance in in this one.


The Industrial Cloud will be one of the main elements of what is already known as the fourth revolution, which t will completely change the way of managing data thanks, in part, to the standardization of the Internet of Things and the hybridization of elements of reality

This virtual space works by hiring certain services, each of which is necessary, that will allow you to manage your information and store it securely on the servers. You will have access through the use of the Internet, to different softwares, which will be the ones we use to modify our files, share them and store them safely

At the same time, being in the Cloud, you can configure which user will be able to access, alter and edit a certain document. In this sense, it is also possible to protect confidential data with user control.

The main benefits of the cloud storage are

The reduction of obstacles and barriers.

Considerable economic savings.

Increase in the speed of information transmission, one of the main problems of the industry today.

Compatibility with the specific demand that different industrial companies may have.

The information remains secure, being practically inviolable.


Benefits of Cloud Storage


The aim of this study is to design a system which has multiple data inputs from industrial automation machinery or user's information which have to deal with that and process all the data to store it locally in devices such as PC hard disks, hard drive or network storage and then monitor this in a PC Panel.

Another main option is to store all the information in the cloud, to be able to consult it anytime thorugh devices such as PCs, tablets or mobile phones.

Conclusion (hardware)

This system is composed of an industrial PLC automation, which is the brain in charge to manage the inputs from all the industrial controller machines and the data input from a user manager interface and its corresponding database.

It also has the control over several outputs, either analogue, digital or relay, which are used to control more machines or devices. After that, all this information has to be stored here, two paths are opened; on the one hand, the data can be stored locally in physical devices like the ones mentioned above and can be managed through a Panel PC.

On the other hand, it can be stored in the cloud so that it can be accessed anywhere using all kind of compatible devices.  The connections of both Arduino's PLC controllers, the cloud and the local, are made by Ethernet cable or WiFi, depending on the final preferences and expectations of the selected Programmable Logic Controller.

Having two kind of copies of the information is always a good idea; a local one to ensure that the original data is reliable and not modified, and a cloud one to provide security and a wide range of accessibility.


Benefits of Cloud Storage


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