Automated Security System with PLC Arduino

Fully-equipped security system capable to be focused on different threats, adapting itself to specific objectives. 

Arduino PLC for Industrial Automation Security System

This project is designed to make a fully-equipped security system capable to be focused on different dangers, adapting itself to specific objectives. It is going to encompass a large range of possible hazard points as burglaries, fires and gas contamination.

All of them will be tracked by different kinds of sensors and managed by an industrial Arduino PLC. The data is going to be monitored by several PC Panels and a MQTT Server which will provide the possibility of the simultaneous connection of several devices.

It will provide a 24/7 backup, saving the data in the SD card and sending it to the Server through an optimized and secure method called FTP.


Automated Security System based on Arduino Industrial PLC

Project structure

Sensors, Camera, Panel PC, Industrial Controller and MQTT Server

This Arduino project is going to follow a defined structure. Data will be registered by several sensors; security cameras and motion sensors will be needed to have protection against burglary; for more dangerous industrial processes, it will be important to have gas and fire protection with their respective sensors for each other.

All this information will be sent to an Ethernet & GPRS/GSM industrial PLC which will be the system operations centre.

To be monitored and controlled, this data will be displayed by a Switch to several PC Panels; furthermore, the system can be controlled through a MQTT Server by an external remote device as a phone, tablet or PC  

All the interface is going to be based in Node-Red. Having a backup is crucial; sensors data is saved in the SD card of the PLC and sent to the Server using FTP; the camera information is sent directly to the server due to the size of the video files.


The main points to achieve are as follows:

Automating the security system. 

24/7 process control and monitoring.

Easy management; through the controller Arduino, the Panel PC or by mobile, tablet or PC.

High security level; the system will be thieves, hackers, fire and gas resistant.

Versatility as a security weapon; more sensors and monitoring methods could be added and the data always have a backup using different communication ways (Ethernet and GPRS/GSM).

Adaptability; the system could be modified regarding the hardware and reprogrammed using Arduino IDE regarding the software to adapt to every little change in the system.

Conclusion (Hardware)

The security system will be fully automated, except from some specific parameters that have to be set, and the reaction method chosen against the danger.

There will be four kinds of sensors to complete the data acqusition;

- motion sensors

- security cameras to avoid robberies

- Infra-Red sensors to avoid fires

- and gas sensors to avoid intoxication caused by this kind of contamination

The information collected by all of these analog inputs will be processed by an Open Source based Ethernet & GPRS/GSM PLC that is going to be previously programmed for this kind of use.

The communication between the sensors and the PLC could be done using different protocols as RS232 and RS485, always checking if the sensors support them.

Once the data passed through the brain of the system, it has to be monitored by two different methods;

- the first one, using several PC Panels connected by an Ethernet cable

- and a Switch to distribute the different connections

The second one, using a MQTT Server where the data is sent to, you can connect and manage the system with different devices such as phones, tablets and PCs, anywhere and anytime.

Both ways are going to provide a Node-Red based interface, easy to interact and ready to fit to different professional profiles.

  Raspberry Pi Panel PC for automated security

Backup, always important

A very important factor -in particular in a security system- is to have a backup copy, always available to be checked. This distribution provides a copy divided in two parts;

- the sensor data is saved in the SD card of the PLC

- and sent through GPRS/GSM signal to the Server which is going to be the information store

Whereas the sensors backup will be sent with FTP (File Transfer Protocol), the camera recordings are going to be saved directly to the Server because the video files are too big for this protocol.

Automated Security System diagram

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